Now this is a story all about how.

Joyner Lucas pays homage to his idol Will Smith and his classic Hollywood roles in this epic music video off his upcoming, ADHD. The highly-anticipated debut arrives Friday (March 27).

Hitting a filming studio full of green screens, the tribute begins with Joyner reenacting the opening theme song for The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. After blazing bullets as Detective Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys, he suits up as Agent James Edwards in Men In Black, saddles out the Wild Wild West, and faces off with an army of cyborgs in I Robot.

Animation comes to life as Joyner lays down the voiceover as Shark Tale’s Oscar, and then transitions to the homeless salesman and father, Chris Gardner in The Pursuit Of Happiness. Joyner survives the apocalyptic-world in I Am Legend, portrays Dr. Bennet Omalu in the biographical sports film, Concussion, and grants wishes for Aladdin as the Genie. In the final scene, Joyner lounges in his dressing room before morphing into the Grammy and Oscar award-winning icon himself. Thank you, Big Willie.