Swishahouse Archived At Rice University

Last month, the ”Chopped & Screwed” pioneers made its way to the library of Rice University. As part of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research, the memorabilia from the Houston label will display the origins and their achievements for students.

We are delighted to be able to initiate this effort with the materials brought to us by Swishahouse,” Anthony Pinn, the Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies that created and taught a course at Rice on religion and hip-hop culture with rap legend Bun B, said in a statement. “You can’t think about hip-hop without giving attention to the brothers (G Dash and Michael “5000” Watts) who’ve made this happen (through Swishahouse).”

“I feel like I am the SwishaHouse,” Slim Thug told RapFix. “I was there from the beginning and a big part of their success. Even after I left, I been back and forth at Rice working on this for a while and I’m proud that something I’m a part of is making history and being archived at a university like Rice. It’s something my kids can look up and see. So I want to thank them for recognizing us and I’m honored to be a part of this.

“It’s an incredible honor to have such a prestigious school like Rice University show love like this,” Paul Wall told RapFix. “My album, The People’s Champ, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200, so it’s a big part of the Texas’ hip-hop history. Being a part of the Swishahouse journey is something that is still unbelievable to me. We came from Michael Watts’ childhood home-turned-studio (that we nicknamed the Dust Bowl because it was so dirty); to having myself, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, and Slim Thug all go platinum. That shows Michael Watts and OG Ron C’s incredible ear for music to discover and develop four platinum acts.”

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